If You Think It’s Expensive To Hire a Professional, Wait Until You Hire an Amateur

Although a preliminary end-to-end application framework is provided as representative for customers to develop and implement their own ideas and inventions, TIPoT technologies recognizes customers may have different focus areas and technical expertise and therefore is willing to provide services that could complement or enhance the success of these clients.

Cloud waiter and cloud database setup and hosting

Setup and host the cloud server for node’s sensing/monitoring and control applications, design and develop database for guest applications.

Integrating different sensors or controlled devices

Integrate different sensors or devices being controlled at guests’ postulations, and design and develop customized auxiliary boards and firmware as needed.

Customized board design and development

Design and develop customized integrated circuit boards as required by clients’ specific applications.

Hardware, firmware and software development for other sensing or control applications

Complete design and development services for clients’ sensing/monitoring or control applications/services, including ironware, firmware and software application design and development.

Research and development collaboration

Collaborate with clients in research and development projects, including reinforcement for testbed setup, firmware programming, algorithm implementation, testing and public presentation evaluation, etc.

Application/IoT solution interview

Developing IoT applications or implementing IoT solutions can be confusing and challenging. We provide consulting services to help you make the most out of this new technology revolution. We work closely with you for an in-depth analytic thinking of the problem, the perspective, the cost and challenges to ensure a feasible and most economical solution. In addition, prototyping and proof-of-concept can also be part of the consultation.

Inspired by the open source initiative and to offer low-cost solution with non-constrained R&D flexibility, the TIPoT platform is developed based on free open source software, with the following notable features of speech: